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‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Clayton Echard Apologizes For Subjecting Us All to More Shenae

‘The Bachelor’ spoilers find that Clayton was just as horrified as audiences at contestant, Shenae Ankney’s actions on this current season 26 of the reality dating show.

Audiences have now witnessed Shenae manipulate Clayton by flat out lying, then being proud of the fact. She also made fun of fellow contestant, Elizabeth Corrigan when Elizabeth tried to explain that she can only concentrate on one conversation at once due to her ADHD.

Unfortunately, this was the first time Clayton saw Shenae’s shameful stunts. Though others did try to warn him, Clayton felt a connection with Shanae an, believing it was “solely, petty drama” between Shenae and Elizabeth, Clayton gave his final elimination ceremony rose to Shenae, sending Elizabeth-an innocent casualty in Shenae’s games- home.

‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Clayton Echard Apologizes For Subjecting Us All to More Shenae

Since watching the episodes, at the same time as Bachelor Nation, Clayton has now issued an apology. Specifically addressing Elizabeth, Clayton wrote on Twitter

“I would have sent Shanae home immediately for making fun of you for being neurodivergent, had I known.”

Though Clayton isn’t the most popular Bachelor to ever appear, many fans of the show stood up for Clayton in the comments, saying he wasn’t to blame as he only saw what Shenae allowed him to see. Others commented that it should have been the producer’s call to either cut Shenae or at least give Clayton all the information after she mocked Elizabeth for having ADHD.

Of course, shrimp stealing, group date crashing, trophy tossing Shenae is a producer’s dream, so it’s doubtful this type of show would ever take that sort of highroad.

Clayton’s lengthy apology, full of regrets that was posted to his social media finished by informing Bachelor Nation that “overall, the experience watching for me hasn’t been fun”. He claimed full responsibility for “all the damage” he caused now that he is seeing the fallout from his actions firsthand.

“I can promise you I’m learning from the mistakes,” he assured fans, while “ doing everything in my power to come out the other side a better man.”

The Women Tell All upcoming episode was another discussion point in a separate tweet from Clayton, where he wrote “I’m looking forward to having an open and honest discussion at the WTA with what all happened. It’s important to hold people accountable, including myself.”

Elizabeth, the biggest victim in Shanae’s hijinks also seems to be looking forward to confronting her enemy “Shanae seems to like my shrimp so much…wait til she tries my tea #womentellall,” she wrote.


As for Shanae, her only “word” on the matter was to upload a TikTok of herself dancing in front of a giant shrimp.

The Bachelor airs Mondays on ABC at 8pm ET

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