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Alex Jones Guilty, Found Liable In Sandy Hook Lawsuit For Calling Deadly Tragedy a “Hoax”!

On Monday, Nov. 15th 2021, shock jock radio personality, Alex Jones was found liable in a lawsuit filed by the victims’ families in the Sandy Hook incident. Jones had the nerve to claim that the death of innocent school children was a hoax.

While it’s one thing to claim that before one has all the facts, it’s another to claim that after there have been actual funerals for children and people have actually lost loved ones. Jones persisted in his claims continually, even stating that one of the youngest victims, Aviel Richmond, was still alive. She was not.

Alex Jones found liable in Sandy Hook lawsuit

Over the years his persistent claims have caused several of the Sandy Hook families to have to relocate due to his fans harassing them, and last week Aviel’s father, Jeremy Richmond, took his own life.

Jones, in his three hour long deposition, now states that the persistence of his claims was due to “psychosis” and that this apparent psychosis caused him to think that everything was staged.

There is a phenomenon among conspiracy theorists called “taking the red pill” (a matrix reference) in which there is a mass delusion where said conspiracy theorists say that everything that the people have been led to believe so far is a lie, but whether that is an actual psychosis or not is up for debate, it’s certainly not in the DSM, that’s for sure.

This isn’t the first time he has peddled a conspiracy theory that got hundreds of people on board. He was a 9/11 denier that accused actual survivors of being “coached actors”, and would say to his followers “never believe that this stuff can’t be staged”.

At one point on his show he even claimed that there were chemicals in the waters that were “making frogs gay” a claim that can be safely refuted, considering that there’s no shortage of actual frogs in the world. However, a frog doesn’t care if you slander it, but the families of these victims do.

And now judge Barbara Bellis has sided with them. This is not the only lawsuit that Jones has facing him, this is just the first one that’s been ruled on – there are several in the works and millions are at stake.

Several radio stations have banned his show, but Jones is unrepentant, even going so far as to blame his defamation lawsuit woes on Senator Hilary Clinton. He went on further to say that while his opinions were wrong, “they were never wrong consciously to hurt people”. maybe, but the damage was done. Stay tuned!!!

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