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General Hospital: Maurice Benard’s State of Mind Featuring Elizabeth Henderickson on anxiety, silver linings, and auditioning alongside a future star

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind reveal the actor once more invited a former GH co-star to the chat. He welcomed Elizabeth Henderickson, who once played Sonny Corinthos’ (Benard) adversary, Margaux Dawson. Let’s take a look at some highlights of their chat.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind brings the feels

First off, Maurice Benard’s State of Mind is always dealing with hard topics. So, it’s no surprise that emotion often comes out in the conversation. This time, though, it wasn’t about the subject matter of the chat. See, Benard started off by praising Henderickson and talking about how  there were two actresses who had a shot at Sonny besides his main love, Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) and Brenda ()—she was one of them. She asked if people cried this early. We loved that appreciation and how Benard feels she should have earned more awards.

Talking GH on Maurice Benard’s State of Mind

We’re sensing a trend. See, several actors have talked about watching GH before being part of the show. She experienced some nerves with the task, though. She spoke of the challenges of the legal jargon and not having experience with it previously. She called it the hardest thing she ever did and Benard affirmed she did a great job.

Interestingly enough, she was supposed to be on another show, but the deal had fallen through. So, she said the GH powers that be called her for the part. Apparently, the actress wasn’t able to see much of the part before taking on the role, which made her a little nervous as well. But it seemed things worked out. The talk turned to The Young and the Restless as well as the people from the show he spoke to.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind gets to the basics

As usual, they went into background info. She spoke about coming from Long Island and how she had a somewhat rough childhood. She was quick to clarify that her family was loving, but her father was an addict. Maurice Benard’s State of Mind indicate Henderickson was sheltered a lot from that, thanks to the fact her parents were divorced when she was very young.

Later, she talked about her battle with anxiety and insomnia. She’d been drinking a Nyquil to fall asleep because she couldn’t sleep and had so many responsibilities in school and activities. When she was caught drinking once, her mother put her straight into therapy to keep her from getting addicted as well.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind talks motherhood

Also, Henderickson spoke about motherhood. She revealed she’d been in no rush to have kids because she felt young. By the time she was ready to have children, it became more challenging to get pregnant and ended up having a couple of miscarriages. But ultimately, she did have a healthy pregnancy, but it was odd timing. She revealed how she was due two weeks into the Pandemic, so she ended up having a totally different experience than what she was expecting of childbirth.

However, she did talk about the silver lining in the whole thing. With quarantine and the production shutdown, she got the chance to spend a lot of time home with her new baby. We always love the way Henderickson was able to see that good side in a strange situation.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind reveals surprises

Finally, there was a revelation the ‘80s/’90s kid in us loves. Henderickson actually auditioned for the All-New Mickey Mouse Club. She went through a long process, but ultimately didn’t make the cut. But, she found out she’d auditioned alongside Christina Augilera years later when she saw old footage on a special of the singer trying out. Henderickson noticed herself in the background and was surprised to see that.

While she didn’t make the cut, the actress revealed she does have a jacket and Benard closed things off in a neat way. He asked Henderickson to sing the closing MMC song with him. It was a fun moment and a nice closing to the chat. Check out the video in here to see more of what the actress and Benard had to say about that and much more.

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