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Maurice Benard’s State of Mind hosts a Corinthos family chat

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind offered something a little different this week. This week, he had two guests in one episode. Dominic Zamprogna (Dante Falconeri) and Lisa LoCicero (Olivia Falconeri) joined the actor to talk about love and relationships. After starting off the episode with a little talk about Nothing General About It and how it came out at a difficult time, the chat turned to other things. Let’s see some highlights.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind brings the emotion

Benard, who plays Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital alongside his guests, started the chat off bt saying he had a feeling he was going to cry. LoCiciero then made reference to her recent appearance, where she said it’s advised not to hand a person tissues when they’re crying. Let’s see if Benard’s feeling was right.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind brings balance

Things started off with a little parenting chat. LoCicero mentioned how she’s raising her daughter to take no you-know-what, but also doing so in a softer way. We love that. Balance is key in everything, and sometimes taking a firm, yet calm and loving approach is the best way to get your message out there. As well as making those you’re dealing with more receptive to honoring your boundaries and understanding where one’s coming from.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind on ego

We all know Maurice Benard’s State of Mind is about mental health, and part of that includes not making oneself prisoner to expectations and approval. The conversation turned to that subject and Benard mentioned how he came to a peace with other’s opinions recently. He realized that not caring what others think helps one to grow. We couldn’t agree more.

The conversation soon turned to sex and how LoCicero is teaching her daughter to be one to stand up for her body and assert herself. At the same time, Zamprogna talked about how men and women both have fears relating to the topic, but they just come from a different place. He then shared a story about how he felt after his first time.

It’s probably one of the more personal subjects that’s come up on the show, and we think they all handled it great. And, again, the rapport and chemistry between all the actors was evident. Which, of course, helps make these conversations so real and honest. Check out the video to see what else they have to say about relationships.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind tackles insecurity

Another part of the conversation related to this: insecurity. On Maurice Benard’s State of Mind people get real, and Zamprogna did so on the topic of insecurity where he questioned why we allow it to get so deep in our heads and where it leads.

We agree it’s the source of a lot of pain and anger in the world, and we loved seeing that tackled. Hopefully, it inspires a lot of people to dig deep and do the work needs to change their minds and perspectives.

Fans were quick to comment on the rapport between the actors and how informative and insightful the conversation was. Some even asked for the trio to have somewhat regular conversations, so who knows? Maybe they’ll be making more appearances together soon.

For now, the State of Mind account has a preview of what’s to come, and we’ve also heard about a couple of others coming to the show as well. Days of Our Lives viewers will be happy to know a couple actors from the show will be making an appearance, as well as as some other guests we’re looking forward to. Stay tuned, because you never know where these chats will go.

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