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’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Brandon and Julia join Pillow Talk?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers reveal that  we’ll be seeing more of Brandon Gibb and Julia Trubkina Gibb, just when the fandom thought they could get a break from those two, nope! They’ve decided to extend their fame by popping into 90 day fiancé pillow talk, another part of the franchise in which past couples comment on current couples experiencing their struggles on the show.

This’ll be interesting because as we all know, Julia seems to have a thing against other women so it’ll be interesting to see how her opinions of the other women on the franchise go.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Brandon and Julia join Pillow Talk?

Along with these two, villainess Angela Deem Illesanmi is also joining them on pillow talk. No word if Michael is going to be joining her on it or if she’s just going to be doing commentary with daughter Skyla.

I’d say that she needed to join up with Molly and that other woman from Livirae Lingerie, but honestly, I don’t think Molly deserves that. Also Angela would want a modeling contract with livirae and the world is just not ready for that, no matter how sexy meemaw thinks she is.

As far as Brandon and Julia goes though, the fandom on the reddit boards are totally done, they don’t particularly like Julia because either she gets extremely bad edits (wouldn’t be surprised on that front) or she just doesn’t put her best foot forward.

Although, considering she’s married to Brandon, who’d frustrate even the most patient of saints at times, I think she does okay. Also she can’t be all bad, after all, she and Yara Zoya Dufren took an instant shine to each other, of course that could be because they grew up in similar cultures and are going through pretty similar situations right now. Still, she can’t be all bad.

However, the 90 day fandom needs to realize that as irritating as Brandon and Julia are, it could be infinitely worse. We could be strapped in for another season of Mike and Natalie, or worse yet, Colt and Debbie (I won’t even say Colt and Vanessa, you know she’d be relegated to bringing those two snacks), so I’ll welcome the new edition to Pillow Talk. Least under they get too annoying. Stay tuned!!!

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