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Here’s What Sarah Ferguson Thinks Of Prince Harry’s Upcoming Memoir

He’s got the freedom to say what’s on his mind, now doesn’t he? At least, that’s what Sarah Ferguson believes as she recently opened up about Prince Harry’s decision to write a memoir. Here’s what you need to know.

Even though Harry hasn’t reached the old, ripe age of 40 yet, he announced last month that he’s writing a memoir, but not about his life as a royal, but rather as the “man he’s become.”

Many members of the British Royal Family are concerned that the Duke of Sussex might once again throw all of them under the bus, in the same way he has several times this year so far. Apparently, there is much more tea to spill, and that’s why there are some people behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace that are shaking in their royal boots.

Here’s What Sarah Ferguson Thinks Of Prince Harry’s Upcoming Memoir

With that said, it doesn’t sound like Sarah Ferguson has anything to worry about. In fact, she believes it’s a good thing that Harry is writing his book, the same way his wife Meghan Markle wrote her children’s book earlier this year.

“I think the fact that Meghan’s written a children’s book is really good, well done her, because anyone that sits there writing a book, it’s really hard,” Fergie said in a new interview with ET Online. “‘Cause you have to keep it all very condensed, if it’s children’s. With Harry, I think he’s got a lot to say and, really, I think Diana would be really proud of her sons, and their wives and the [grandkids].”

“And he’s such a good boy, you know, I think in life there’s no question that there’s far too judgment and there should be more compassion and support in every way on everybody,” she continues. “My mission statement of my charity is no race, creed, color or any other denomination — we stand together and we fight for the right for a child to dare to dream.”

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