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Kaitlyn Bristowe Had A Breakdown On Social Media

This past year certainly hasn’t been easy on anyone, regardless if you are in the spotlight or not. And if there’s one person who is definitely into sharing her feelings about it, it’s Bachelorette alum Kaitlyn Bristowe.

The reality television star couldn’t help but break down on social media when she admitted to feeling very lonely in a tearful video that she posted on Instagram. Here’s what you need to know.

Kaitlyn shared a video of herself crying through a “lonely moment” after speaking to her dad on the phone while her fiancé, Jason Tartick, was out of town.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Had A Breakdown On Social Media

“It’s so hard sometimes being away, like, I mean I haven’t been back to Canada in two years,” the native Canadian shared on her Instagram Story. “I was FaceTiming my dad today, and I’m just feeling so lonely.”

Kaitlyn went on to say that she couldn’t accompany her fiancé on his family vacation because of her work commitments.

“I was supposed to be there and I couldn’t cause of work stuff,” she explained, “and I’m just missing them and I miss the dogs and I’m just having a moment and, uh, I need a show to cheer me up.”

And while there were some people who shared supportive messages, others were quite critical of her breakdown. Kaitlyn said that her DMs were filled with people saying that she should “pull it together,” “stop crying” and only has “privileged problems.”

This past month fans have also criticized her for her ever-changing looks, which she had to explain on her end.

“6 years since I was on the show, Brow lift, brow micro blading, got my teeth bonded, some filler In my lips, aging, darker hair, and I finally learned how to contour. Oh and I put on some weight,” she wrote on social media at the time.

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