Counting On: Are Josh Duggar’s Deviant Ways All Wife Joy-Anna Duggar’s Fault?

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Josh Duggar’s trial will not start until November this year, but there is already one person who has been found guilty in the case: Anna Duggar.

It all comes down to Duggar and co.’s religious beliefs. According to their devout Independent Baptist way of thinking, a wife is her husband’s anchor to God. If a man begins to doubt his religious beliefs, his wife will be the one to set him back on the path to God. If a man strays from his marriage, it’s his wife’s job to return him back to her and his Baptist ways.

And, if your husband is charged with owning and distributing kiddie torture porn, it’s clearly your fault for not doing your wifely duty and saving him from his depraved temptation. And you thought girls not being allowed to wear pants was backwards.

Counting On: Why Josh Duggar’s Deviant Ways are All Wife, Anna’s Fault

Yes, pregnant Anna Duggar is being apparently being accused by their tight religious circles of being the one not strong enough to bring Josh back from the dark side. It’s not possibly Josh’s fault! With such a weak wife and such a strong temptation from the Devil…what’s a sex predator to do?

If your blood is boiling with fury, you’re not the only one. Luckily the court of law won’t share the same views, but some are wondering why they haven’t stepped in yet to move Josh from his guardian’s house now that it has become apparent that there is far more of a tightknit relationship between the Rebers and Josh than they cared to share with the courts.

Lacount and Maria Reber volunteered to take Josh in until his hearing as he wasn’t able to go home where children live. According to those following the case closely, The Rebers told the courts they barely knew Josh, only from church.

However, Josh’s brother-in-law, Anna’s brother– David Keller has been courting the Rebers’ daughter, Hannah and the two are now engaged.

Outraged critics are now claiming that Josh should be removed from the Rebers’ home and returned to jail, saying the Rebers  have proven they are willing to lie and can’t be trusted to hold Josh accountable to the terms of his release.

Then again, other critic say Hannah only said yes to David to get away from the El Creepo that her parents allowed in their home. We can’t say we blame her.

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