‘Counting On’ Spoilers: Jeremy Vuolo Drags Josh Duggar For Filth In Church!

‘Counting On’ Spoilers finds that Jeremy Vuolo, husband of Jinger Duggar Vuolo was a pastor once upon a time when he lived in Texas, however, he and Jinger moved to California, specifically Los Angeles, when he got the opportunity to do a four year long seminary program.

This in turn caused Jim Bob Duggar, patriarch of the Duggar clan, to basically disown Jinger and her new hubby simply because of where they were moving to. It seems a lot of Christian Fundamentalist’s hate the idea of LA on principle and call it “Hollyweird” and believe the rumors about the consumption of fetal flesh, but I digress.

‘Counting On’: Jeremy Vuolo drags Josh Duggar for filth in church!

However, this sermon that Vuolo preached was not about the evils of “Hollyweird”, rather, he got in an interesting dig at ol’ Josh Duggar himself. Apparently there is a verse in the bible that says if a husband mistreats his wife, then his communication with God himself is cut off. If that’s not talking about how Josh mistreated Anna, I don’t know what is!

Other clues int he sermon included an example story about a pastor’s daughter who had met a young man at college whom the family did not accept – it oddly mirrorred his own experience with Jim Bob that he detailed in their book, where he and Jim Bob had debated theology for hours, going over his entire belief system, and that still wasn’t good enough.

However the sermon really hit a one-two punch when Vuolo said that in order to be like Christ, you have to mold yourself to his ways and not expect Him to mold to your own. The rest of the sermon was, curiously enough, about lust and sin. We see you Jeremy, and we are here for it.

Of course, Christian Fundamentalists really aren’t here to spill tea, that’s just not who they are as people, but if you’ve grown up in the church then you will recognize a good ‘soul-reaming’ when you hear one, and this was definitely on the level.

Even though Jeremy and Jinger have previously said that they really didn’t want anything to do with this, it would seem that that statement doesn’t negate the fact that they still feel a certain type of way towards Josh. Good. Perhaps Anna will see this righteous indignation and get out, we can only hope for her kids’ sake. Stay tuned!!!

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