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Days of Our Lives star Billy Flynn

State of Mind: Days of Our Lives Star Billy Flynn Opens Up About Addiction Problems To Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind has mostly had guests from, or connected to, the world of General Hospital. It makes sense, as it’s probably easier in a lot of respects to reach out to fellow cast members or people close to them.

However, this week saw a guest from the NBC soap Days of Our Lives. It was a nice surprise to see someone from a different show there, and Benard gave fans another surprise as well. Let’s take a look at the guest, the conversation, and the bonus.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind: The guest

This week, Maurice Benard’s State of Mind welcomed Billy Flynn. He plays Chad DiMera on DOOL. Chad is the son of one of the most iconic villains of the show, Stefano DiMera, once played by the late Joseph Mascolo. While Chad isn’t the evil man his father is, we have found that character to be very easily led and a bit weak at times.

He used to run the family company until a scandal put his long-lost half-brother, Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash) at the head of the company. Whatever we think of the character, however, the actor does great with the material. And he’s also been pretty open in talking about his demons, as he once guested on former co-star Freddie Smith’s (Sonny Kiriakis) podcast.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind: The Chat

From the beginning, Benard made it clear he was impressed with the actor’s work. He’d apparently checked out some clips prior to the interview and mentioned he could sense a real pain behind the performances. The conversation quickly turned to Flynn’s battles with addiction.

Flynn spoke openly about drinking and about a pattern that he’s found himself slipping in and out of over the years. He also touched on his childhood and how genetics also had a hand in him drinking as well as other things. Benard and Flynn bonded over overcoming ego and more. Check out the video to see the full chat.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind: Surprise

Finally, Maurice Benard’s State of Mind gave us a little something different last week when Kate Grahn appeared. She sang a song with Benard’s son, Joshua. This week also gave fans a bonus to enjoy. After the chat, Benard let his guest turn the tables on him. The ten-minute clip proved that Flynn is pretty good at the job and could probably do his own show if he wanted. He asked some great questions and kept the session moving smoothly. Stay tuned to see who’ll be visiting next and what surprises might be in store.

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