General Hospital: Maurice Benard’s ‘State of Mind’ Explores the Spiritual!

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind recently featured a bit of a different guest when he spoke with the founder of the Butterfly Bipolar project last week. This week, he went back to the soap world as he featured another GH co-star. Let’s take a look at who he had on this week, as well as where the conversation went.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind: The guest

This week, he invited Lisa LoCicero, who GH viewers know as Olivia Falconeri. They spoke a bit later in the conversation about her audition for GH and how she ended up lucking out. It seems that LoCicero initially auditioned for Kate Howard, also known as Connie Falconeri.

However, LoCicero said she was told they had something better for her in the future. That, of course, would be writing the character of Olivia for LoCicero.

During the chat, she and Benard recalled her audition, his reaction to her performance, and the thing she did that would inspire another actor on the show. Funny enough, Benard said he didn’t remember this particular choice LoCicero made in the audition.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind: Getting real

As fans know, Maurice Benard’s State of Mind is very focused on mental health, something LoCicero has a great interest in. She spoke a bit about experiencing post-partum depression, but stressed she would not say she suffered from clinical depression, or clinical anxiety, as she knew a lot about what those conditions entail.

Also in the chat, she shared her experience trying to get pregnant, as well as how she feels motherhood doesn’t change a person. It just brings out more of who you are inside.

We loved that perspective, as well as her talk about how getting yourself in order mentally and spiritually is just as important as the physical aspect. Because if you aren’t treating the whole person, one isn’t doing any lasting good.

She also talked about her experience with Ayahuasca, which led to one of the more emotional moments of the chat, as well as the importance of regular meditation to keep one’s head right—especially these days. Check out the chat to see what Benard had to say about meditation and his lockdown experience as well.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind: Reaction

As usual, the conversation really struck a chord with fans.

One commented, “Thank You Maurice for another great interview. Thank you, Lisa. I just love you. You’re so real and loving. What you said about a mother’s love is so true. I have experienced a little of the spirituality you felt. Touching the spirit realm is fascinating and frightening all at the same time. It lets us know there is a higher power we must answer to. Thank you and God bless both of you.”

“Wow! What an awesome SOM! I just loved hearing about Lisa’s experiences with Ayahuasca. Maurice, you and Lisa really share such a beautiful friendship!” said another.

One fan replied to Benard’s post of the chat on Twitter with, “One of the best shows ever, I know I say that a lot but you’re setting the bar higher each week. I loved how open honest and vulnerable she was about her journey. And her views on motherhood are so beautiful. Maurice, you have done it once again. “

We have to say we personally agree with this comment. It was a great discussion, and we hope there will be another chat between the two soon.

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