‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maurice Benard’s State of Mind marks Mental Health Month

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind marked an important moment on Sunday, May 1st. According to the actor, who plays Sonny Corinthos on General Hospital, he actually started doing State of Mind chats on Instagram on Sundays. Read on to learn a little bit about what the actor had to say about this, Mental Health Month, and how fans are responding.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind: The beginning

First, Maurice Benard’s State of Mind apparently began with an impulsive decision. We’ll let you watch the clip yourself to see what we mean, but this moment was a great lesson.

It goes to show how these small bursts of inspiration/intuition can lead to something even bigger than you might imagine.

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maurice Benard’s State of Mind marks Mental Health Month

Not long ago, these chats moved to YouTube and began including guests. He explains in the video why this change came about, as well as how important social media can be to get help when one is in need.

To illustrate the point of how things have improved, the actor shared a story about what happened when he was 21. However, there is a downside he discussed.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind: The latest challenge

As much progress as has been made regarding treatment and information/awareness, things are tough right now. Benard spoke about the effect the past year has had on people’s mental state, as well as how suicide numbers have increased.

He had a suggestion for how to help make things a bit better by empowering people through education. Check out the video to see what he thinks should be done.

As he marked the start of Maurice Benard’s State of Mind and Mental Health Month, the actor reflected on the people who were there for him through his journey. He said, “I couldn’t have done it without you.

I barely did it with you.” And that moment was one of the most moving of these chats to date. We’re looking forward to seeing what Benard has planned next.

Maurice Benard’s State of Mind: The reaction

As usual, there was plenty of commentary about the video, pretty much all positive. People got personal in their commentary, sharing their own experiences. Said one fan, “Thanks for talking about this because it still is such a stigma in society. Suffering from mental health issues and being on meds for years with really nobody knowing until 2004.”

Another wrote, “Long time GH fan here. You’ve always been one of my favorites. I now have so much respect for you as a person, a father, and a husband.   You’re doing such valuable work with this channel. Thank you for sharing your time and your heart with us.”

We have to agree and hope Benard keeps this going for years to come.

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