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Calls To Cancel “Hypocrite” Billie Eilish After Boyfriend’s Homophobic Past Exposed!

It’s been a week for 19 year old singer, Billie Eilish.

First she was accused of queerbaiting after sharing a bunch of snaps from behind the scenes of her Lost Cause video. The some fun, some a little sultry pictures of Billie and her gal pals were captioned “I love girls”, causing a flurry of comments asking if this was a coming out notice, and if not, then denouncing the artist for queerbaiting.

Is Billie Eilish the Newest Celebrity Being Cancelled?

It seems it is the latter as Billie was seen stepping out with her boyfriend, 29 year old actor, Matthew Vorce on Thursday, the couple enjoying a VIP trip to Disneyland.

If fans weren’t unhappy enough about Billie posting an ambiguous announcement, then proving it was simply to garner interest from the LGBTQ+ community, especially during Pride month, then a deep dive into the singer’s boyfriend’s background did the trick.

Vorce is a bigot. His old tweets are riddled with homophobic and racist slurs. Oh, he also fat shames and admits to wanting to murder random women, just for shits and giggles.

That’s one heck of a boo you got there, Billie.

The Billie fandom is real. We mean BTS caliber real, but the discord which started on Instagram, bled over to Tik Tok has now spilt over to Twitter is seeing a large percentage of her fans disillusioned to say the least. The diehards will defend the Bad Guy singer no matter what, but there is also a large chunk who believe Billie is being groomed by this nearly 30 year old.

Honestly, we don’t know where the grooming is coming from- maybe some adults around to question the relationship would be a good thing, but Billie is of age, she can go after Mick Jagger if she wants. While we don’t think Billie has to worry about being cancelled anytime soon, it would be real nice if she and Matthew spoke out about this repulsive tweets and Billie’s ambiguous Instagram post.

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