Does Tana Mongeau Really Want To Help Claudia Conway Or Is She Just Using Her?

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A few weeks ago, when the police were called to Claudia Conway’s house after she was threatening suicide when nudes were posted from her own Mother, Kelly Anne Conway’s twitter account, Claudia went on live on Tiktok with youtuber Tana Mongeau and the case got the attention of all of social media… for about 5 minutes.

Tana Mongeau had implied that because she identified heavily with Claudia’s situation that she was going to help her, however, now that the situation has died down and Claudia has taken a break from social media (even though according to a previous post by Claudia that something like that would never be by her own choice) Tana is nowhere to be found.

Does Tana really want to help or is she just there for the tea?

A lot of Claudia’s supporters have done a youtube documentary detailing Claudia’s situation, which they have posted on youtube. All of the incriminating video against Kelly Anne has been posted, including ones where Kelly and and even Dad George Conway, all but admitted being the ones to post Claudia’s nudes on Kelly’s fleet on twitter.

They said that “no one meant to hurt you by posting those pictures” but unless they were the ones doing it, how could they know? That’s one hell of a gaslight if you ask me.

Tana has her own problems, but the fact of the matter is, she has been posting about reacting to the Billie Eilish documentary and said that she’s even going to watch it again, but she has not said one peep about Claudia’s documentary.

So, when she reached out to Claudia, was it really to help or or did she just want brownie points for being a good person? Tana has a bad habit of writing checks she can’t pay for when it comes to “helping” people, as we can all remember by her “charity work” in which 100% of donations ended up going to her and even though no one ever really looked into it, we’re pretty sure that no one ever got one red cent from Tana.

However, this time, with Claudia’s situation, no one was even asking for any kind of money, not one person was asking for any kind of donation. Rather, followers who have gotten involved in this situation were just asking for Tana to shed light on the situation, to maybe make a video reacting to the situation at hand and giving the people who are interested in helping a platform to be able to do so.

But she couldn’t even do that, instead, she decided to tweet about Billie Eilish’s documentary, a popular celebrity who is not a minor and does not need her help whatsoever. So it looks like Tana was just there for the tea, which is sad, because Claudia needs help now. The entire documentary has been posted to youtube, here is the link:

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