Dixie D’Amelio Opens Up About Her Music Career!

It has been quite a year for everyone and it seems as if things have been moving very quickly for celebrities Dixie and Charli D’Amelio. The girls have become TikTok sensations and they now have millions of followers. Dixie wanted to chat with her fans a little more about how this year has changed her life, her music, and her career.

Dixie D’Amelio: The Year That Changed Her Life

For DIxie, 2020 meant a lot of changes. She told fans, “I graduated high school, released my first single, signed to a label, launched a podcast with my sister, and launched my YouTube channel.”

When she released her first single, “Be Happy,” it got more than 55 million streams! This was huge for her. Then she released another single, “One Whole Day” that has gotten a lot of streaming plays already. Dixie really has high hopes for her music and she wants to collaborate with Billie Eilish or Trippie Redd.

Dixie D’Amelio: Her Music and Career

Dixie is working on a lot of projects right now other than music. Her family has signed on with Hulu to do a television show about their lives. This has been a very exciting time for everyone in the D’Amelio family!

Dixie told her fans, “When everything started, we had a rule in our family that we only do things that we want to do.  I want to tell fans to be yourself and don’t do something that you’re not into or not proud of because people can see through that, especially on social media.”

With all of her projects right now, Dixie told her fans, “There is so much happening at the moment, and while I am being pulled in so many different directions I feel so lucky to love what I do. I get to work with my family and friends so often, which makes work fun for me, but it’s definitely a hectic schedule. If I had to choose, I would definitely say I put my priority on my music; it’s been a passion of mine since I was a little girl, and when I was given the opportunity to record my own music, it was something I immediately jumped on. It was pretty intimidating because I had no idea how my fans would react, so I chose to release it on my socials and just see how it would be received.”

Clearly, Dixie’s fans love “Be Happy” and they are happy that she continues to make music. If you want to hear it or check out more of Dixie, tune into her YouTube channel and her TikTok channel.

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