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’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers- Liz explains herself

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers finds that when Liz and Big Ed Brown were in Las Vegas and out with Ed’s daughter, Tiffany, she said that Tiffany and her friend were making fun of her and saying “Can’t you find someone your own age” at the table behind Liz’s back.

Liz didn’t want to deal with it at the moment so instead of confronting Tiffany and making things more awkward, she just shut Ed out and then ended up packing up and leaving Ed in the middle of the night just like ex-fiance Rosemarie Vega did back in the Phillipines, needless to say Ed was plagued by ‘Nam flashbacks.

’90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life’ Spoilers- Liz explains herself

Liz is still reeling from Vegas, and said that its still hard for her to talk about. Ed said that they didn’t have to but he did end up apologizing for the situation and saying that it wasn’t fair to her. As questionable as Ed’s been so far, I think that may be one thing he’s done right in this situation. However, he immediately screwed up by telling Liz that he had a panic attack when she left.

The thing is, he turned the situation around and made it entirely about him, Liz said she felt bad that he had a panic attack but at the same time she felt like he wasn’t really listening to how she felt. Come on Ed, you were on the right track.

Liz apologized for giving him a panic attack  and told him that he was a good person and a good boyfriend (different strokes) but that he didn’t listen. Ed posed the question to Liz if he was going to be her forever and we all cringed.

That’s not the question you ask somebody when they’re trying to evaluate whether or not they actually want to be with you or not, but Liz seemed to have taken it in-stride. She said that she was already two marriages in and that she had become really close with Ed, he was practically her best friend, and she seems to get along with Teddy really well, so we know at least one child of Ed’s gets along with her.

Although the fact that Ed thought that Liz crying was a good thing was kind of cringeworthy… maybe ya need to work on that, buddy. Stay tuned!!!

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