Youtuber Shane Dawson and Mystery Boxes?

Shane Dawson has returned to the internet, or at least instagram, in order to sell us merch, not just any merch, mind you but mystery box merch. That’s right, you can request a mystery box by Shane Dawson that will be shipped directly to your door.

Some people are speculating that this is going to be all of the makeup pallettes that didn’t sell and while yes I can see that being a thing, if you’re a Shane Dawson watcher from back in the day you’ll also know that Shane had a bad habit of frying barbie dolls and destroying other toys.

Shane Dawson mystery boxes?

So, who thinks that they’re literally sending money for a bunch of roasted barbies, anyone? Because that’s what I think.

I think that Shane’s too high profile to have an actual garage sale (and you can’t give roasted barbies to good will, that would just get you bad press) so Shane has decided to get rid of his inventory of totally random stuff that he has socked away in that California home of his by packing it all up and shipping it (for money) to his unsuspecting remaining fans.

Not going to lie, I’m tempted to test this theory and get a mystery box of my own and see just what on earth is in it.

The only thing that’s stopping me is that once Shane tried to sell his used underwear on eBay and even though that auction got cancelled by eBay because it violated their guidelines I must admit I’m a little scared that some poor unsuspecting former fan will end up with those thong underwear that he tried to sell on eBay that time. I mean, I’m pretty sure Lil’ Nas X has his own so he’s not in need of any.

It could also be a bunch of DVDs of Shane Dawson movies which, let’s be honest, I’m not sure who would need those unless a film professor could dissect them for a future class on what not to do in a film.

Granted, it’s probably only make-up and t-shirts and popsockets and the like, but a part of me is going to be a little disappointed if Shane doesn’t include at least one melted Barbie in every box. Stay tuned!!!

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