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Trisha Paytas Defends Tana Mongeau!

Considering the past that these two have had, I think it’s odd that Trisha would come to Tana’s rescue. After all, there was that whole incident a couple of years ago in which Trisha’s boyfriend at the time kept insisting that he and Trish have a threesome with Tana Mongeau and Trisha noped all the way out of that one and good thing she did because that ended up looking bad on her then boyfriend because as I remember it, Tana wasn’t quite legal yet.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago, Tana Mongeau started liking tweets that were calling out Shane Dawson for their videos together, in which Shane made her pee on him when she was barely 18.

Trisha Paytas defends Tana Mongeau???

We’re pretty certain that the videos are still floating around out there on the internet if you truly want to see them (though, must say I don’t see the appeal), but until now Tana has not said a word about them.

She still has not come out and addressed them directly, she has never exactly expressed that she felt uncomfortable while doing these videos, but she has acknowledged by liking these tweets that the entire situation was just that – uncomfortable for all involved. (Except for maybe Shane Dawson himself, but I digress.)

In the latest video on Trisha’s channel, Trisha said that Tana Mongeau actually reached out to her via DM and thanked Trisha for bringing the attention that she has to the shadiness that has been going down in the youtube community among these male influencers because Trisha has a lot to say.

Recently she tweeted out that meeting Shane Dawson and supporting him for so long was the biggest regret of her life. People are saying that this is a case of sour grapes on Trisha’s part because at the time she seemed perfectly okay with whatever these two were doing, specifically Shane, not so much Jason. But people also remember how uncomfortable she was with ex Jason Nash flrting with Tana.

Either way, it looks like there may be a bit of an unlikely friendship here. Could we possibly see a youtube collab between Tana and Trish at some point? Who knows. Stay tuned!!!

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