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Tana Mongeau Accused of Defrauding Customers With Ripoff Lingerie Line!

Back a 2 months ago, Tana Mongeau released a line of Valentine’s Day lingerie on her instagram. Originally it retailed for $60 but then suddenly it was retailing for $30, which wouldn’t be all that bad if the lingerie were the wlell-made sort that you get at retailers like Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Pink, etc.

However, now there’s a big giant backlash with Tana saying that she ripped off her customers because a lot of people are finding holes in their lingerie.

Tana Lingerie a ripoff?

The lingerie was supposed to have heart shaped cut-outs in the pattern, that’s what made it special. However, what Tana didn’t really specify and what was probably behind the whole ‘half off’ thing, was that these lingerie pieces simply did not have the heart-shaped cut-outs that were promised in the advertisements, rather, they were filled with straight-up holes!

No hearts, just holes. 

And there’s been lots of users across social media that have posted pictures of the poorly made garments that show off the holes, which aren’t flattering at all. In fact, they don’t look anything like the lingerie that was promised, it looks like someone in a Wish factory took a box cutter to the entire shipment and had a happy accident with them.

It was said awhile back that literally the same garments could be bought on AliExpress for $5, so one wonders just where Tana’s “supplier” came from and if they are to blame for her lack of quality in merch, or if she just purchased and resold a bunch of stuff off AliExpress.com, I mean, it could happen!

This wouldn’t be the first time Tana has been accused of delivering less than she promised. Awhile back when she had a perfume launch it was found that her perfume and the crystal skull bottle that she touted as completely her idea, could actually be purchased at Hot Topic for a much lower price than her retail price of $40.

And there was also the big scandal in which her “charity” ripped people off during COVID by promising to help people with bills and money, but literally having nowhere on the website to go to get this help and only having a ‘donate’ button. Nice try, Tana. Looks like she’s going to have some pretty angry returns now. Stay tuned!!!

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