Donald Glover Trashes “Boring” Hollywood and Stirs Huge Fan Debate!

Donald Glover is currently busy working on seasons 3 and 4 of his series, Atlanta. However, the actor took some time out to tweet about Hollywood and its current state.

This started a bit of a debate amongst fans, but the tweets Glover posted bring up good points for both options. Let’s take a look at what he said, the reaction, and why we agree with both sides of the argument.

Donald Glover speaks out

So, it’s no secret Hollywood has been struggling a bit. Awards show ratings are at an all-time low and just keep getting worse.

Everywhere you look,  fans are expressing disappointment with what the industry is offering and some have cancelled Hollywood altogether, preferring to check out work from independent creators on YouTube and elsewhere. Glover himself made his thoughts known on what the industry is producing in a series of tweets.

Said the actor, “Saw people on here havin a discussion about how tired they were of reviewing boring stuff (tv & film). we’re getting boring stuff and not even experimental mistakes(?) because people are afraid of getting cancelled so they feel like they can only experiment w/ aesthetic. (also because some of em know they’re not that good)”

Donald Glover stirs debate

The most interesting thing about the tweets, to us, are how fans reacted so differently. Some felt he was obviously referring, in part or fully, to Cancel Culture.

As in, people losing TV projects or projects getting nixed for content. Others said he was clearly referring to the act of cancelling low-performing shows. We see both points here. But let’s take a moment to see what fans had to say.

One wrote, “Yeah a lot of tv has lost its excitement I’ve stopped watching tv as a whole with the exception of a few shows I mainly listen to music.”

Another added, “TV is repetitive stuff at this point. couple of brilliant shows like fleabag, the good place, community and mare of easttown and atlanta but tv now is either kids with superpowers saving the world or yet ANOTHER copy of friends which isn’t even that great to begin with.”

Personally, we think the problem’s a little of both.

The bottom line

Whether Donald Glover was referring to Cancel Culture or just the “safe bet remake” trend, we think he’s right on both counts.

Many people have expressed boredom with seeing yet another remake of a popular franchise, while others are tired of the reunion shows that don’t always live up to the original. It comes across for many like obvious cash grabs that offer little to long-time fans who grew up on a franchise or TV show.

And let’s not forget, Cancel Culture probably does have a part in it. Numerous comedians have come out and said comedy is essentially dead.

Because of all this, we believe people aren’t taking the creative risks because they don’t want to fail, but it would be naïve to think that many are also sticking to the safest, most cookie cutter material possible to avoid boycotts or social media nightmares.

There is a good side, though. Many indie creators are finding platforms now. And we definitely think that Hollywood will eventually get to a point where they have to do a massive shift, which will lead to more creative, unique material that pushes limits and surprises fans.

We’ll probably have to wait a while, but it will happen eventually. After all, Married…with Children, one of the most celebrated ‘80s shows, got on air and was given a chance to grow because they were on a relatively new and struggling network.

They had little to lose, and we think Hollywood is nearing that point as a whole. We’re looking forward to seeing what material comes from that.

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