‘90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’:  Brandon Gibbs is the Thief of Dreams.

‘90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’ find that audiences are growing more and more annoyed at Brandon’s treatment of his new wife, Julia Trubkina.

Brandon’s true colors began to emerge during the wedding (non) planning where he showed he rarely listens to a word his wife says, and the words he does hear he immediately dismisses. It’s this dismissal that angered audiences during last week’s episode.

‘90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?’:  Brandon Gibbs is the Thief of Dreams.

Julia was elated to escape the farm and her in-laws as she and Brandon went on vacation to Vegas. But don’t worry, Brandon was there to drag her spirits down as the Vegas nightlife put a pep back into Julia’s step.

Okay, we will give Brandon this- he is sensible with his money and about not just giving up his job and moving to the desert, but Dude…do you have to be so soul crushing about it?

His sarcastic, belittling tone was enough for all viewers to want t reach through their television sets and slap him when he dissed Julia’s dreams of, not just moving somewhere that doesn’t smell like pig s**t, but her dreams of nabbing a job in design or wedding planning.

Instead of showing his wife support, maybe helping her enroll in some part time courses, he flat out told her that her English sux and she’ll ruin people’s weddings.


The 90 Day family quickly reminded Brandon he’s lucky Julia is so eager to jump into the work force…Libby Castravet wishes she had that problem with her mooching husband Andrei.

Others decided Julia could make quite the coin by exotic dancing- how would that go down back at the farm?

But the 90 Day fans seemed to have pinpointed Brandon’s negativity- he already knows Julia is way out of his league. If doesn’t control the purse strings, Julia may just flourish and move along, off the farm and into the world…without her Debbie Downer husband.

You best catch up, Brando!

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