’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Just How Much Is Julia Trubkina’s Husband Brandon Gibbs Whipped?

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers indicate that Ron Gibb, that’s exactly what Brandon Gibb is. Just as we all suspected, Betty and Ron Gibb think that the Vegas trip was all Julia’s idea and that she’s tolled their innocent son Brandon off to the big city of Las Vegas.

The only thing missing from the conversation was a whole spiel on ‘womanly wiles’ (anybody remember the episode of I Love Lucy with Tennessee Ernie Ford? It was reminiscent of that.) Brandon and Julia were about to leave for their flight when Betty and Ron asked when they would be back because they needed help mucking out the stalls and opening the barn and whatever they do on the farm.

’90 Day Fiancé’ Spoilers: Seriously, guys? 

Julia jokingly said “Never.” when asked about when they would be returning but she is hoping that seeing Las Vegas will change Brandon’s mind about him moving to the Big City because apparently Julia is a big city person and wants to move there, or at least some kind of big city.

Brandon recently got a new job working less hours for more money, so it was his idea to go to Vegas and celebrate. So much for Betty and Ron’s theory about Brandon being tolled off by Julia.

So will Brandon and Julia be tempted to move to Las Vegas? It looks like Julia might be, I don’t think Brandon would ever seriously consider living in Vegas, but I think this little vacay might seriously jumpstart Brandon into thinking about what he would want in a place to live.

I don’t think he’s a city person, but I don’t necessarily think that he would mind staying there for a short period of time, or even living in a place that was big city adjacent.

To answer the question though, I guess to someone as old school as Ron Gibb, his son Brandon does seem a bit ‘whipped’, with the way he simps for Julia. But Julia isn’t used to farm life and she wants a life that’s more centered around her and Brandon than a life that’s centered around, well, a farm.

So to a person who isn’t dedicated to farm life, Brandon’s simping seems like a completely normal, supportive move, him giving Julia what she wants isn’t the problem, I think the problem is when he turns and villifies her for it later, that’s where the problem is, but I digress. Maybe since they’ve tied the knot Brandon has turned over a new leaf. We’ll see. Stay tuned!!!

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