‘90 Day: The Single Life’: Liz Spills the Beans, DONE With Big Ed Brown For Good! Was It All a Show?

90 Day: The Single Life find that the relationship between 56 year old reality star, Big Ed and 28 year old restaurant server, Liz has been a head-scratcher for most fans. Perhaps it was this intense scrutiny and jeering that had Liz spill the finale to their storyline, not yet wrapped on the Discovery + 90 Day Fiancé spin-off.

To those watching, Liz and Ed—though seemingly horribly mis-matched—are moving along in their relationship. If you follow Liz on Instagram you’d have seen the two continued to date, even after the cameras stopped rolling.

‘90 Day: The Single Life’: Liz Prematurely Spills the Beans—She and Big Ed Brown are Done.

Liz continually defended their relationship against the public…and private backlash they received. Big Ed’s daughter was not a fan of her father dating a woman younger than she is, but hey, at least she’s older than Big Ed’s last girlfriend, Rosemarie Vega who was only  23 at the time.

Still on Liz’s Insta, fans saw that she even invited Big Ed to be her date to a friend’s wedding. That IG post was time stamped as April 18. Now, only 2 weeks later, Liz has confirmed that the two are being ‘lead down separate paths’.

While cynics are seeing this as Liz throwing in the towel, finally deciding the 90 Day clout chasing wasn’t worth having to make out with Big Ed, others are genuinely sad the couple didn’t work out.

Big Ed’s Instagram is void of any and all things Liz. Instead he has posts of him and several pretty young things while critics comment that Big Ed looks ridiculous chasing women clearly out of his league and appropriate age category. Big Ed has even taken to reposting photos of his relationship with Rose in the last week.

Ed might not be doing well post Liz, but Liz seems to only wish him the best. The ‘break-up announcement” showed a collection of 10 photos of the two coupled up, some with Liz’s daughter in the snap. Her caption read:

“Even though our paths have led us our separate ways, you’ll always be a great memory!” Liz then seemed to address fans by saying “Enjoy the rest of the season!!!”

She has turned off the comments on her breakup post.

Catch 90 Day: The Single Life on Discovery+…even though you now know how this one ends.

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