Naya Rivera’s Final Role Before Tragic Passing Revealed

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We all miss Naya Rivera, the former Glee  actress who died tragically last year on July 8th, 2020 when she was taking a boating trip with her son. She drowned when she went into the water, managed to help her son onto the boat and then was pulled under and drowned.

An adult life vest was discovered on the boat, but sadly not on Naya. At the time of her death no one knew what other projects she was working on but now, her final role has been revealed. She will play Selina Kyle, AKA, Catwoman in the animated movie “Batman: The Long Halloween”.

Naya Rivera’s final role revealed

The rest of the cast is just as star-studded, with former Supernatural Star Jensen Ackles as Batman. It’ll be interesting to see Rivera’s take on the iconic character, judging from her character on Glee, her voice is a great fit for the sultry Selina Kyle. The film is a two-part project, and focuses on a young Batman as he fights a killer named Holiday.

Rivera did have another live-action role in the film Step-Up: High Water, but her role has since been recast with actress Christian Millian. Millian was over the moon about being cast in the role, saying on her instagram that she hopes to honor Naya and her family and friends with a great performance.

Apparently her friends are also planning to honor her at the GLAAD music video awards as well, so her accomplishments in media and film will never be forgotten. We have to admit, there’ll always be a soft spot in our hearts for her character from Glee, and we look forward to what she’ll bring to the table as Selina Kyle in her last performance.

(As a Catwoman fan, I personally can’t wait.) The fans grieve for what might have been, as far as career goes. It’s terrible when one so young and talented gets snuffed out, but, while she was here she gave us some really great performances, she made a timeless contribution to the industry and it is much appreciated. Thanks Naya. Stay tuned!!!

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