What Happened To Glee Star Naya Rivera?

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Glee star, Naya Rivera went missing on Wednesday, every Glee fan in existence sent up a prayer for their Santana. We all hoped, and are still hoping, that Naya would be found safe and sound, and alive, if only for the sake of her four year old son, Josey. In a press conference with the authorities however they said that there is a possibility that if Naya is indeed in that lake, that she will never be found.

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According to them the lake is around 30 feet deep with only 15 feet of visibility but there are also other factors, like the lake being cold, that could have caused hypothermia. Usually, victims of hypothermia experience extreme sleepiness, so if she did get in the water and couldn’t get out (there’s always that chance) then chances are she just eventually took a nap and never woke up.

Some celebrity friends however (and quite a few fans) are entertaining the possibility that she is not in the lake and that someone must have taken her. Sadly, there is no proof. At first people were saying that her phone and all of her things were found on the boat but then another report came in saying that all of her things, wallet, phone, etc., were found in her truck.

The footage of her and her son walking in the parking lot was released today and it doesn’t look like there’s anybody nefarious around that could have been stalking them. The boater that found her son was a woman, and originally she thought she found a little girl because Josey’s hair is long.

Glee: Will they ever find Naya Rivera?

However when you watch the press conference the Ventura County Sheriff’s office seems kind of clueless when you try to nail down specific information. Like for instance, what items were left on the boat. However, if there is indeed foul play involved, a lot of police departments will not release evidence that only an assailant would know.

This usually happens only in murder cases, not in missing persons cases, but perhaps the police are keeping silent on a few fronts just because they haven’t truly ruled out any possibility yet, and right now that would be wise. The more possibilities you are open to, the more likely that you will find what you’re looking for, especially if the case is not cut and dry and this is anything but.

Demi Lovato tweeted earlier that she was sending out prayers that Naya would be found alive… and I’m with her. If by some miracle in this strange year that is 2020 someone can be found safe and alive, I hope for her sake and for the sake of her family, that that can happen.We’ll be on top of this case as more develops.

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