Discovery+ Pig Royalty: High School Never Ends

The last place you would expect petty high-school level politics to show up would be in Pig Showing. Boy, would you be wrong. In the Discovery+ series, Pig Royalty, you see a lot of high school style politics. Apparently Pig showing is a big business and can net you $30-$50K for showing prized hogs.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you don’t always have to go to foriegn lands to find love in order to rack up and get your 15 minutes of social media fame, sometimes you can just go down to Texas and learn to drive hogs.

Pig Royalty – High School Never Ends

Now, that being said, I’m pretty  sure there are other states where Pig Showing is popular, but Pig Royalty follows 3 Pig Showing families who happen to live in the Great State of Texas.

There are the Baleros, a group of blonde, blue-eyed, all-american girls and their Mom who wouldn’t be out of place among your regular, run of the mill human beauty pageants but instead they decided to show pigs.

That doesn’t mean they don’t bring it though, they show up at these shows, hair to the heavans (after all, the higher the hair, the closer to God in Texas terms), makeup done to the nines, and outfits that you would definitely not think belonged to girls that were showing pigs. In fact, they even have their own bus with all of their names on it with “Rhinestone Cowgirls” emblazoned across it.

Then we have the family with the second most titles, the Rihnes. A slightly more blue collar family who still has three lovely brunette daughters who happen to be into pig showing, however, they are in direct competition with the Balero’s and their girls often pine for the buckles that the Balero girls win, and yes, that’s a thing. When you win at a pig show your ‘medal’ is a belt buckle, and the purses are big.

Then we have the Tyk’s. The Tyk family has a slightly alternative dynamic, the two Moms are married and they have several children betweeen them, they’re actually part of the Rihne’s show team but they’re relatively new to the show ring.

Still, they’re determined to win some buckles with their own pig, “Notorious P.I.G.” (As of yet, we don’t know the names of the Balero’s and Rihne’s pigs.) Unfortunately, “Notorious” as he’s called, got sick and couldn’t show in the first episode and they had to use a back-up pig, called Stryke. However it looks like the judges were not actually looking at Stryke and they left quite discouraged.

So far this show is quite the eye opener. There’s two types of pig shows, one is breed standard, which is all about the pig and the judge isn’t judging the human handler (or at least judging very minimally) and then there’s showmanship, and that is judging the person themselves on how well they drive a hog. We seem to be following several showmanship families.

In the first episode we’ve seen betrayals and even rumors of a sex scandal where on of the Balero girls (the one who had the most titles, ironically) was accused of sleeping with a judge. These are all things that you don’t expect among pig shows… but we can’t wait to delve into them. Stay tuned!!!

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