Telemundo News: Turkish drama comes to Telemundo!




Telemundo news reveals the network is at it again. With shows like season 3 of La Reina del Sur still a question mark as to when they’ll get on air, the network is hedging bets with another Turkish show.

With shows like Cennet, Amor Eterno, and La Hija del Embajador winning over audiences, it’s clear the country is becoming a powerhouse in the genre. However, Telemundo has had mixed success.

Of the three mentioned, only Cennet aired on Telemundo, and El Sultán didn’t do so well. Todo Por Mi Hija, we can’t say. That one never really got on our radar. Let’s see why the country’s programming is doing well and what this new one is about.

Telemundo news: Turkey takes over

While we never did see Amor Eterno, it was clear from social media this was a good one, and fans couldn’t get enough. In fact, La Hija del Embajador promos teased a reunion of actors from that show.

So far, we have to say that it’s no lie for people to say Embajador is a rough show. The lead character is a victim of rape whose true love believes she betrayed him. We’ve seen the character deal with severe trauma, watched her go through panic attacks, and also show a lot of strength.

We think the honesty and the emotion is part of what makes this show so good. Of course, there’s also frustration, as you can’t help but feel most of the characters just don’t deserve this woman being in their lives.

Meanwhile, Cennet was also an emotionally charged story dealing with rape and the consequences. This time, it also focused equally on the product of said crime, and how it affected her.

But the real interesting part was the complexity of her mother. This is a character who went from someone you absolutely hated and felt was a petty witch to being a sympathetic character you rooted for. We think that’s a great mix. So, what’s the new show?

Telemundo news: Hercai

Titled Hercai: Amor y Venganza in the promos, Telemundo news reveals we’ll see this one “pronto” (Soon). The series description makes this sound like a Romeo and Juliet tale combined with a little family drama for the female lead, Reyyan Şadoğlu (Ebru Şahin).

Apparently, Reyyan has had to deal with some iffy treatment by her powerful grandfather, as she’s not actually his biological nieta. Instead, he favors her cousin. The show promises a love story that will have a long road ahead as they try to work through a blood feud that’s been going on for many years.

Telemundo news: Based on…

As with a lot of novelas, this one is based on a book. Turkish writer Sümeyye Koç is the author, and apparently this show has been a hit. It’s listed on Wikipedia as having three seasons, with each season having more episodes.

Will we see them all here? That remains to be seen. However, we do think there’s a good chance, given Cennet did pretty well for them and viewers are flocking to Univision’s offerings from the country.

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