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Youtuber Trisha Paytas Adresses Gabbie Hannah Situation

Trisha Paytas came on her youtube channel to address the situation with Gabbie Hannah by herself. She kept saying that all of the things that Gabbie Hannah kept bringing up she had no memory of, and then Gabbie said “Yes you did text me these things from your other number.”

Trisha immediately discredited that, but if you look back in her videos, or if you’re on OG fan with a really good memory like I am, then Trisha has been known to have two numbers before. When she was doing a promo for a cell phone company back years ago (I want to say it was Mint Mobile, but I’m not sure.) she said she had two phones, even showed them off in the video.

Trisha Paytas: Forever gaslit?

She had one phone that was an iPhone and had a fancy Disney Case (I think that may have been back when she was friends with NinaUnrated, who did cases for awhile.) and then she had another phone that didn’t have a case that looked to be an android.

So, it’s not at all a stretch that Trisha could have two numbers. 

Another thing Gabbie said is that she got invited to Trisha’s house for Thanksgiving with her Dad, StepMom and Uncle Joe. The thing that clued me in that Trish could be lying is the fact that long ago she talked about, I do believe it was in her book The Stripper Diaries (Forgive me it was 2013 and I was incredibly bored, yes I bought that book) she said hat she had had a dream abou having an Uncle Joe who took care of her but that he didn’t actually exist.

I also think there as a video around that time where she even said, “I don’t even have an Uncle Joe.” now granted it’s been a long time back, but I do remember her saying that she doesn’t even have an Uncle Joe.

So who’s telling the truth? 

Trisha also displayed a bit of contempt for Gabbie when Gabbie said that she had grown up with a Mom with mental illness just as Trisha had. She said that she felt that Gabbie was trying to “help” her and that she didn’t need any mental help.

Okay, valid, maybe she’s getting all the help she needs from the proper medical professionals (I doubt that but we’ll leave that there.), but she honestly seemed like she didn’t want to be bothered by Gabbie in this video. She didn’t want to really address anything, I have a feeling that she just appeared on Gabbie’s podcast for the views.

That being said, I don’t think there’s anything at all mentally wrong with Trisha. Is she scarred and traumatized by different things? Yes. Is she entirely mentally healthy? No. Does she have any major mental disorders? I’m willing to bet no because she’s entirely too self-aware. She knows exactly what’s wrong with her – she doesn’t want to get better.

I feel sorry for Gabbie, I feel like she really wanted to try and actually be Trisha’s friend, it’s way more than she deserves, honestly. Stay tuned!!!

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