Youtuber Trisha Paytas Has No More Social Media

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Yet another popular online celebrity has announced that they are dropping social media. Trish is known for her YouTube videos and her TikTok videos. She has about 700,000 followers on Twitter and 3.9 million on TikTok.

She loves being online and has shown her fans that she cannot stay off of social media. She has been a huge part of a lot of online drama and now she is telling her fans that she is pretty much done with being all over the world of “toxic” social media.

Youtube: What’s Her Beef?

Trisha has had words with many online celebrities and the D’Amelio sisters are just a few. She has also started drama with James Charles and David Dobrik. She has decided that she needs to quit with the drama and step down from her throne of hate.

She made a video for her TikTok account on January 8 and she told fans that she was quitting social media for good and her accounts would be deleted. In the video, she is in a dark room and she isn’t wearing any make up.

Youtube: Trisha Paytas Has No More Social Media

She explained to her fans why she was leaving social media, “I’m leaving the app, for real. I’m leaving social media. It’s a really toxic place and I wish you all well.”

She continued, “I want to apologize to Charli, Dixie, and James.” That was it for the first video and fans thought this one was super weird. She then went on to post two more videos. The first was about a new pair of sunglasses and the other was about a grilled cheese.

She posted one more and explained to her fans the reasons behind leaving. She said, “You can find me on YouTube. I’m going to be focusing on me, my family, and my fiance. For those of you who showed me love, thank you. For those of you who showed me hate, you win.”

Of course, there were many replies to her videos and some fans even called her out for not being able to handle the stress of being an online star.

Many said that she is quitting because she can’t quite handle the stress of being trolled. One would think you would develop a thick skin after being online for so long. It doesn’t look that way for Trisha.

If you want to see more of her, you will have to find her on her YouTube channel since it looks like she is done with social media.

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