TikToker Dixie D’Amelio Deletes Twitter Account

TikTok find that in the world of social media, it can be tough to be a celebrity. There are so many trolls who watch everything that you do and have to judge you every second of your life.

More and more people are taking social media breaks and one of the newest stars to delete her Twitter account is Dixie D’Amelio. She wanted to explain to her fans why she did it and some were shocked.

TikTok: TikTok Stars

Dixie is a very popular star on TikTok and she has about 48 million followers on the social media video platform. She shares her music and dancing on the platform and her fans love her. She has made a killing on TikTok and continues to work hard to make more money for her family. She posted on January 8 that she was going to leave Twitter.

TikTok: Dixie D’Amelio Deletes Twitter Account

Her post read, “Goodbye Twitter…it was fun.” Her fans were shocked to see her leaving the social media platform and some even thought it was weird that she made this announcement as soon as Twitter banned Donald Trump from the platform. Did fans think that this made her look like a Trump supporter?

One Twitter user asked, “Is Dixie leaving because Trump did? That’s what I’ve heard, help.” Dixie replied, “Like no, wtf.” Dixie then felt that she had to clarify the whole reason that she was leaving Twitter.

She posted, “This is why I’m leaving Twitter. Sorry for my disgusting timing. LMAO.” The picture that she attached with this caption was her covering her mouth. She went on, “I don’t f******g support Trump. I’ve said it 100 f******g times… the reason I deleted Twitter was because I spend way too much time reading hate. My timing was just awful lol. Hate me but talk about every move I make…okay?”

Many trolls on social media, especially Twitter, have started to hone in on her and throw shade her way. Dixie is constantly being criticized for her actions on TikTok or in life.

She is pretty fed up with it and even her mental health has been suffering because of these trolls. We think that her reason behind deleting Twitter is a great one!

If you want to see more of Dixie, you will have to follow her on TikTok or Instagram. Clearly, she is no longer a part of Twitter and wants nothing to do with it anymore. She posts pretty regularly on these platforms.

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