TikTokers Charli and Dixie D’Amelio Travel During Pandemic

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When you are celebrity, you will get backlash for pretty much everything that you do. One of these things is traveling during a pandemic. Just recently, TikTok stars Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio traveled to the Bahamas for their holiday break. They aren’t the only ones and their fans think that this was extremely irresponsible of them and their families.

TikTok: Traveling Teens

When just everyone else on the planet is concerned about the pandemic, it doesn’t seem like these rich teens even care. California has become a hot spot and that is where Charli and Dixie live now.

Many of their fans think it was a terrible idea for them to travel out of the country right now. The pictures went live a couple of days ago and fans were quick to throw shade at the celebrities.

TikTok: Charli and Dixie D’Amelio Travel During Pandemic

Charli, Dixie, Madi Monroe, Noah Beck, and Avani Gregg were just a few of the celebs to be seen at the resort all together. In almost every picture, there are no masks to be seen on the teenagers.

Fans were incredibly upset to see the teenagers all together and traveling all over the country. California is still in the “safer at home” order and fans thought that their parents should have made the choice to keep these girls home, while the hospitals are all full or filling up again because of COVID-19.

Their main job in our world is to be influencers, but when others see how they act during a pandemic, should this be a job title as they are making these terrible choices?

One fan posted, “This is so upsetting. Their job as ‘influencers’ literally allows them to STAY HOME and make an unfathomable amount of money. Where as many others are risking their lives everyday by working, and wish they could have the option to pay the bills.. THIS is the exact reason COVID spread will never end. They are literally promoting traveling to all of their fans. I am embarrassed. They better not make the sorry excuse if saying they traveled for work because they know damn well they can work from home but are being selfish and traveling during a pandemic.”

Another fan wrote to Charli, “I haven’t been able to see my friends in almost a year and y’all traveling…WTF?” It does seem as if this group of teenagers have all gone to the Atlantis, Nassau resort where they will not allow anyone who has tested positive for COVID to enter.

Who knows what will happen when all of these influencers are together and clearly they are not promoting social distancing or the wearing of masks.

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