TikToker Charli D’Amelio Sticks Up For Sister Dixie D’Amelio Amidst Major Backlash

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Charli and Dixie D’Amelio have a relationship just like any other siblings. Yes, they fight, but most of all, they stick up for one another.

Dixie has gotten a lot of backlash lately for being controlling of her sister and now her fans are starting to ask her why all she does is make sad songs. Charli wanted to show her sister some love and stuck up for her when fans starting in on her.

Roommates and Mental Health

The newest some of Dixie‘s is called “Roommates” and in this song, she opens up a lot about her mental health struggles. This is the third song that she has done that shows her feelings on sadness and depression, which she deals with everyday.

She knew that her fans might complain about it and well, she was right about that. Dixie told her fans that she really wanted to make more music about what it is like to suffer from depression. It’s not easy to be this open with music and she feels like it should help her fans get to know her better.

Charli D’Amelio Sticks Up For Sister

The comments started and one fan wrote, “Is she really being emotional over this? Famous because of your sister!” Another fan wrote, “She made a whole song on being sad when the motherf*****r is made of multi-millions, famous as hell, and has a personal chef. Please, she is so embarrassing.” Dixie wrote back to that fan, “sometimes I don’t wanna be happy.”

Then Charli chimed in to help her sister out. She wrote, “I have been seeing a lot of negativity coming from my supporters towards other people. That goes against the messages I like to spread about being kind and supporting one another! Please remember to spread positivity. This also goes to every single supporter of mine that is saying mean things about my sister. At the end of the day, family comes first. And if you support me, but put my sister down, then you do not really support me.”

It does seem strange that Dixie’s fans that putting her down would think to be rude to someone who has been open and honest about the depression issues that they have. She put her heart on the line in this song and it just shows you that trolls will always find someone to harass.

We love that Charli came out and supported her sister no matter what. It is good to see her sticking by her through it all.

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