TikTok: News About Dixie D’Amelio and Charli Amelio’s Relationship

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The TikTok stars Dixie D’Amelio and Charli D’Amelio have a very interesting relationship. They are one of the most popular families online today and that means that they are always being watched.

They have millions and millions of followers and now that they will have their own television series on Hulu, they are about to get even more popular.

Something that has come up a lot lately is the fact that Dixie treats Charli in a very controlling manner. There is a video that surfaced online and Dixie’s fans aren’t sure why she is treating Charli the way that she does in it.

TikTok: The Video

In the video of Charli and Dixie, Charli starts clapping for a friend and Dixie takes her hands and slaps Charli’s clapping hands away as if to tell her not to clap.

When fans saw this video, they were very confused about why she did this. A lot of backlash has come up for Dixie online and now she is slamming the trolls that have told her she is controlling of her sister.

TikTok: Dixie D’Amelio and Charli Amelio’s Relationship

After watching the video, one fan wrote, “Dixie should support Charli and stop controlling her. It’s her life, she can love whoever she wants. If she feels the need to cheer, she can cheer for him.”

Dixie was fast to talk to her fans and shut down the trolls who called her controlling. She said, “Not like it was my video and she was being extra on purpose because she knows I hate loud noises. I’m convinced no one on TikTok has siblings.

Or everyone must have a perfect sibling relationship, because me getting annoyed with Charli is NOT allowed.” There were some followers that completely agreed with Dixie and one wrote, “I get that! My sister annoys the hell out of me!”

Charli has been met with some backlash lately as her fans have told her that they think she is out of ideas for her TikTok videos. Let’s hope that she hasn’t.

All in all, it seems that the video was just a misunderstanding from the fans point of view. Remember that we never really know what is going on in a certain situation and this seems like one of those moments.

You can check out Charli and Dixie in their TikTok videos, on Twitter, or on their Instagram accounts. Hopefully the controlling sister is done being so and we can all move on.

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