Here’s Meghan Markle Connection To Netflix’s Bridgerton – British Royal Family

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British Royal Family News find that even Meghan Markle has a connection to the highly popular and rated Netflix series, Bridgerton. But no, it’s not what you think. She didn’t have a steamy romance with the Duke of Hastings.

Instead, actress Kathryn Drysdale, who plays high society seamstress Geneveive Delacroix on the show, also plays Meghan Markle on the British sitcom The Windsors. Here’s what you need to know.

According to Page Six, the 39-year-old actress says that she is a huge fan of the Duchess of Sussex and that she wasn’t one to take sides during all of the Megxit drama last year.

British Royal Family News: Here’s Meghan Markle Connection To Netflix’s Bridgerton

Kathryn says, “I really like Meghan Markle. I think she’s a strong, independent woman. She hasn’t changed who she fundamentally is to fit in anywhere. She sticks by the things she believes in.”

The actress also said that unlike the rest of Great Britain, she didn’t see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s move to California as shocking as everyone else. ““It’s like any newlyweds, isn’t it? You get married and you try something out for a couple of years and you think well I might fancy living there for a bit and I think when you have a family your priorities change,” she continued. “So yeah I mean some people think they’re not members of the royal family anymore, I think they still are, they’ve just had a bit of time out to raise their son and take a little bit of a breather.”

Now, as far as Bridgerton’s massive popularity, Kathyn says that she has no idea that the regency-era drama would become the global sensation that it is.

“We knew that it was good but we didn’t ever expect the response to be quite as extraordinary as it has,” she revealed. “It’s a testament to the writing but the feedback has been people really enjoyed the inclusivity of it and seeing themselves represented on screen and being something they can escape into during a really dark time in people’s lives.”

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