16-Year-Old Claudia Conway Hints At Shocking Abuse By Parents George & Kellyanne Conway On TikTok!

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On TikTok there is a trend of people making art and putting audio behind it, on a specific creator’s artwork, she talked about some horrendous child abuse, where her Mother had made it known that she never wanted to be a Mom, and that she would tell her that every day.

“I don’t want you/don’t want you anymore” and “You’re the reason this family is unhappy”, and that one gem that seems to be uttered in a lot of narccissist households “If you’re unhappy, it’s your own fault.”

One fo the top commenters kept saying “This is so accurate its scary” and “I’m tearing up”, of course they also commented that the artist was incredibly talented and – they are indeed.

TikTok: Conway family values

But the commenter’s name stood out, because they were a verified creator on tiktok so they had the little blue checkmark by their name, when I read the name I was shocked and instantly sympathetic, the commenter was Claudia Conway.

Yes, that Claudia Conway, the one who’s on tiktok, the one who has previously hinted at being abused by her Mom KellyAnne Conway on twitter. The one that some people say was just saying those kinds of things for attention, but the thing is, she was commenting on some random person’s video, in a safe space on the internet. How is that doing it for attention?

If what this video details hints to anything close to what Claudia has had to go through due to any sort of familial and societal pressure, then, my heart truly goes out to her. No, she didn’t come out and say it, and maybe she was just being sympathetc to the creator of the video, who knows we’re not there?

But I do know one thing, you never say those things to your children, even if you have them in the most adverse circumstances, you never say those things to your kids. Children don’t ask to be born, and they can’t help what kind of circumstances their parents are in when they are chosen to be brought into the world.

An interesting thing that was documented on the Dr. Phil show about the whole “Karen” phenomenon was that a lot of the women say that they were turned into Karens by the men that they are with.

Interesting. I’m not saying that this is true, because being a Karen is definitely a choice, but you have to wonder if maybe some of these Karens would be happier if they were by themselves and not with these allegedly evil guys that transform them into Karens, perhaps then they wouldn’t feel so obligated to take it out on their children and end up perpetuating this pandemic of potential narcissism.

At the end of the day, no child asks to be born, no child asks to be abused in any type of way. If the parents chose to have (either biologically or adoptions) them, then it’s on them to properly love and educate that child. If you find you can’t do this, then there are people who can, and will.

But please don’t let your child grow into a teenager knowing that they’re not properly loved by their parents, they can’t help your situation.

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