Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Claudia Conway Goes Through Drastic New Makeover!

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Now infamous Tiktok personality and daughter of Kelly-Anne Conway, Claudia Conway, has gone through an entirely new makeover on instagram – or rather, it’s not her that’s gone through the makeover, but rather, her image.

Claudia has previously said on TikTok that she hates all the attention that she has garnered recently because of  her political tweets and tiktoks and how she would really rather just be quiet about the whole thing, but you know what they say about the internet, once its online, it’s forever.

Claudia Conways is an Angel, no really!

That’s the way it seems to be for poor Claudia, even though she’s only 15 and people really shouldn’t care about what a kid does on TikTok or any social media, no matter who their parents are, Claudia has gotten attention and that attention seems to be here to stay.

But, it looks like instead of embracing her political commentator status, maybe Claudia’s trying to do something different for her media image. Most recently she was spotted trying out for American Idol. Now, up until now we didn’t know that Claudia could actually sing.

She said that her audition was forthcoming and to stay tuned for it. I supposed due to all the NDA agreements one must sign to get on a reality TV show, that’s the reason we haven’t seen her audition yet. In fact, we might have to wait until 2021 to see her audition because I think American Idol doesn’t come back on until sometime in January. (Don’t quote me on that, check your local listings.)

Ever since then, Claudia’s TikToks have consisted of a lot of her just mouthing lyrics for the camera and doing nomal, teen things. She hasn’t made much political commentary since Nov. 7th, because there’s no real need to now, the election has been called, there will be a new 46th president of the United States, no matter who says what.

Claudia can now get back to the business of being a teenager. I expect that’s what’s going on with this clean-up of her IG and her going back to doing regular musical tiktoks instead of continuing her political tirades. However, is she really going to pursue music? We eagerly await the audition tapes. Stay tuned!!!

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