Big Claudia Conway American Idol Audition Update – How Does Mom Kellyanne Conway Feel About It?

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Earlier tonight, Claudia Conway posted a tiktok video from an American Idol confessional. Apparently, she is trying out for the hit show. She seemed pretty excited and said that she had already met Ryan Seacrest.

This is a bit of a surprising move though because we seriously didn’t know about any singing aspirations, or any musical talent, that Claudia actually had before now. It’s not to say that she doesn’t have any, it’s just, to our knowledge she had never actually used TikTok to showcase those talents.

TikTok – Claudia Conway auditioning for American Idol?

Up until now, the only thing that we really knew about Claudia was that she was the left-leaning daughter of Kelly Anne Conway, former Trump cabinet member and Fox News Commentator. We only knew about her issues with her Mother and the current sitting president’s administration, but now that #45 is on his way out (whether he likes it or not) now maybe Claudia can use TikTok to put forth her other interests.

After all, she did say she hated all the attention she got and she really didn’t want to be part of the media circus, so that begs the question, why try out for American Idol?

Maybe because she’s trying to be, what seems to be, a normal teenager with normal interests. Interests that aren’t dicated by family beef or political anything. Things that a 15 year old should be interested in, trying out for American Idol, TikTok, just… teen things that, in the long run are pretty innocent.

It looks like Claudia never got on TikTok to be famous, it just sort of happened for her because she was someone’s daughter who happened to be famous, and let’s face it, you can’t choose your family. (Even though there are times when one may desperately want to.)

So, let’s not hate on Claudia too harshly, even if her audition doesn’t turn out to be too stellar, the point is, she tried out, which is not something many people can say. The point is, she did it because it was fun, what teenager wouldn’t want to try out for American Idol?

I’ll wish her the best of luck, because let’s face it, she’s had enough media scrutiny lately. Stay tuned!!! For any other soap opera and entertainment news, please visit Daily Soap Dish. For more royal and celeb baby news, come back to Celeb Baby Laundry.

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