Youtuber James Charles Dinner At Dixie & Charli D’Amelio Flopped Was a Complete Disaster!

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Charli and Dixie D’Amelio recently started a new series on their D’Amelio family channel called Dinner with the D’Amelios, their guest this week was James Charles. Of course you expect a video with James Charles to be shroused in drama but the thing is, James wasn’t the one causing it!

Nope, instead it was the two ungrateful tiktok brats Charli and Dixie! So the set up was that James Charles was supposed to come and have a fsmily dinner with the D’Amelios, nice and simple and low key, right?

Youtube – Dinner with the D’Amelios flopped

That is until Charli and Dixie decided to be overdramatic about literally everything on their plate. Apparently they didn’t like what was being served and decided to be really disrespectful about it.

This wasn’t their Mom’s home cooking, no rather the D’Amelios have their own personal chef who slaved over a hot stove all day to provide them with this meal and Charli and Dixie decided to insult his cooking and embarrass him in front of not only their parents but in front of James Charles as well.

James Charles took this whole situation like a champ and ate the food, unlike Charli and Dixie, and rhe proceeded to thank the Chef. He also commandeered parts of the video and kept the conversation flowing.

Thanks to James those two actually have content to post that isn’t all about them throwing up or asking for dino chicken nuggets like a four year old would.

Also, what about the parents? What kind if Karen and Chad raised these two little ingrates? Did they never hear about the starving children in Africa, or the clean plate club? Obviously not. At the very least their Mom should have shown them, at some point in their lives how to politely decline a meal without making an entire scene out of it.

However, I guess the whole family is just too blinded by the fame to realize that other people might just have feelings, or moght just completely write them off as deplorable human beings because of their gross display. Literally no one needed to see that and unless the Chef was in on the joke, it was completely unnecessary. These two brats need to learn some manners. Stay tuned!!!

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