How Did Charli D’Amelio Get Forgiven So Quickly After Disastrous “Dinner With the D’Amelios’ Fiasco With Dixie?

So, I bet people are wondering how and why Charli D’Amelio literally came out smelling like a rose and even managed to reach her goal of having 100M followers like less than a week after complaining about only having 95M during that disasterous youtube video called “Dinner with the D’Amelios” in which she and sister Dixie acted like spoiled, whiny brats.

Then came the backlash and the fact that Charlie lost 1M followers but then she came roaring back and seemingly overnight gained the 100M followers that she had been wanting. So how did she do that?

The secret is in the live.

After so many people came out against her and she lost so many followers, Charli D’Amelio went live on TikTok to explain her side of the story. This proved to fans that her apology was not scripted or fake (like a fatal mistake that some online influencers have made, ahem.) and that she was genuine about wanting to make things up to her audience.

This endeared her to the fans she had left, and gained her even more in the process. Honestly, it seems like this girl is just, the golden child of TikTok right now and can do no wrong. But one has to wonder if that’s literally just beginner’s luck.

I’m not saying Charli’s not a good person or anything, but what I am saying is that right now she’s very young and people are more willing to forgive people who are young that screw up. Even if they are public figures, if Charli and Dixie had been older or had been less apologetic about the matter, then perhaps they would have truly been cancelled.

But so far, Charli seems to be good, she’s got her 100M followers and they all seem happy with the content she’s producing. Let’s just hope that she’s learned a valuable lesson in being problematic because cancellations are going around left and right for influencers these days.

After 2020, our trust is not high in the online community, this is no longer 2009 in which the online community can do no wrong. It’s time they all stepped up to the plate, we’ll see what happens though. Stay tuned!!!

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