Youtuber James Charles SALTY, Mad About Instagram Algorithm

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As we all know, Instagram recently changed its algorithm and now no posts show up in order by date, and your instagram feed is just sort of a mixed bag. Sometimes this means your favorite creators get overlooked, and sometimes this means that posts that you are normally used to seeing won’t show up on your feed at all, especially from smaller creators. This has youtuber and instagrammer extroirdinaire, James Charles pretty hopping mad.

“Since I’m a big creator, I can survive on 25% engagement.” he was quoted as saying on an IG live. “But a smaller creator cannot.” and he’s right. James Charles has 22.9 million followers. A quarter of that would at least be enough to pay rent and utilities every month (and possibly quite a few other things).

Youtube – James Charles mad about Instagram Algorithm

But smaller creators who don’t have that many followers, or perhaps have not even reached the 1M mark yet, would be hard pressed to survive on just 25% engagement from their followers. Heck, there are creators out there that haven’t even reached the 1K mark yet, and if they’re planning on launching anything via instagram, then they’re probably in big trouble right about now. 

So, bravo for James Charles, using his platform to bring this to Instagram’s attention. It looks like Charles’ own engagement went from 17M followers to 4M followers almost overnight, but he’s not even worried about his own bottom line.

He’s worried about the other, smaller creators out there who might be affected by the lowering of this algorithm. Honestly, more creators should start bringing this to the platform’s attention, because there is more than enough large creators on IG to bring attention to this problem.

If they did all band together and used their follower count to buck instagram’s new algorithm, there could be some real changes maybe we would see tiktok-like algorithm responses instead of this 25% engagement malarkey.

So here’s hoping that some other influencers get together along with their follower count and stick up for the smaller creators on the platform. There’s other people besides just ‘the sisters’, out there, you know. Stay tuned!!!

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