Youtube Star Jeffree Star THREATENED By Ex-Boyfriend Andre!

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So recently, Jeffree Star took to instagram to expose his now ex-boyfriend, Andre, for stealing bags and other high-end merchandise from his home. He went on to say that the man in question had no job, no money, and didn’t even have a bank account.

He said he “was presented a whole different person than who this guy said he was”. Of course, it was then that someone took to snapchat claiming to be his ex-boyfriend threatening Jeffree saying that if he didn’t take the video allegations down that this account would do something that would expose him for something that would be ‘career ending’.

Youtube – Jeffree Star gets threatened by ex-boyfriend!

Jeffree promptly deleted his IG stories in which he called out Andre, but the account hasn’t stopped yet. It even went so far as to post a picture of HIV medication and claim that it was Jeffree’s. Hoo boy!

As it turns out, this account is fake. Andre, the ex-boyfriend ended up reporting it as fake to instagram, so it’s actually not him that’s spreading the lies about Jeffree. Jeffree also said that he’s looking into legal action against whomever is behind this account, because spreading lies like that is just damaging.

Especially when you don’t have the disease, because he also maintained that after he and Andre broke up that he got tested and guess what foils? 100% negative. So the guy that’s claiming all of this stuff just got a picture of a medication cocktail off google and posted it, claiming it to be Jeffree’s. That’s… pretty low, honestly.

However, some people think that this account isn’t so fake after all because on Andre’s real account he had previously posted if he got to 100,00K followers that he would spill all the celebrity tea that he had. Some people think that he’s using this fake account to hide behind that claim so that he can continue to post more things.

So what is the truth? If Jeffree’s legal team gets ahold of this person, we may never know. Pretty bold of them to go after Jeffree like that when, even if there was any hint of truth to their claims he has enough money to be able to cover it up, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for now and say that he wouldn’t do that. Simply for professional reasons. At least not about having a life-threatening disease. We’ll keep you posted on this story, stay tuned!!!

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