Youtuber Glam&Gore (Miley) BITES the Hand That Feeds Her

You know, we’re finding out that some of these youtube influencers aren’t really all that they’re cracked up to be, and sometimes even the shadiest of the shady can get played. It looks like youtuber Glam&Gore did just that. Glame&Gore, AKA Mikey, is a makeup guru who does highly stylized film makeup looks on her youtube channel.

Of course she has had many collabs with bigger channels, such as Jeffree Star and James Charles, but it looks like according to another youtuber, SWOOP, she has decided to throw some epic shade these guys’ way, after she used them for clout to get her channel to a more popular spot.

Youtube – Glam&Gore bites the hand that feeds her

While Glam&Gore has gone on Jeffree Star’s youtube channel, she said that she wouldn’t have him on hers because he was ‘too controversial’. Okay, fair, she’s allowed to feel however she feels about Jeffree Star, that’s not wrong, nor is it necessarily wrong to feel that Jeffree is problematic.

However, if she felt that way, why do a collab with him in the first place? This just makes the girl seem like she has no principles whatsoever. And then she did a collab with James Charles that was uploaded on October 25th, but apparently was trashing James Charles over text message as late as October 23rd. Let that sink in a moment.

What exactly does she have against James and Jeffree? She has trashed their work ethic, saying that because they have larger followings that she does that they do a lot less work than she does.

Some of her looks might be more complex than the things they illustrate on their channels, but both Jeffree Star and James Charles are, at the end of the day both brand owners who do a lot more than just come up with looks for their youtube channel.

Have we heard anything about Glam&Gore owning a brand? I certainly haven’t. (But feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.)

It would also seem that she has the same problem was Tana Mongeau, with her microaggressions toward people of color content creators as well as LGBT+ content creators. She continually talked bad about them to her friend SWOOP.

She did end up making an apology via her instagram but by then the damage had already been done. SWOOP says that she is done with this fair weather friend and wants nothing to do with her anymore. Sometimes it be like that. Stay tuned!!!

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