Univision Médicos Spoilers: Lower and lower

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Univision Médicos spoilers reveal Álvaro Rodrigo (Adalberto Parra) has regrets. Plus, we saw Gonzalo Olmedo (José Elías Moreno) fired from his job, which led to a lot of drama among his supporters. Let’s take a look at what happened, plus what to expect tonight.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Last chance

First, we had Álvaro. We saw him speak with Regina Villaseñor (Livia Brito) Thursday night, as he expressed sadness at not getting to see his kids. In fact, learning they allegedly don’t want to see him on his death bed hurts.

He feels a lot of regret over how things turned out between them, and Regina had offered to make another effort to reach out to them. Unfortunately, it was too late.

Alvaro went into cardiac arrest just in time for the kids he wanted to see so badly to arrive. They and the cons watched as Regina and the team did what they could to save him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.

He was pronounced dead, and an argument broke out between the family. Jorge (Miguel Berdeja) and Sol (Jocelyn Ibarra) are furious they weren’t notified sooner, while Sandra (Martha Julia) and Samantha (Mavi Navarro) claimed they tried. This will play a part tonight.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Big win

Elsewhere, Médicos spoilers indicate Gonzalo is done. After the incident with the meds, the secretary of health (Rodrigo Ventura) decided there was no choice. Gonzalo is fired pending an investigation.

René Castillo (Rodrigo Murray) will take his place. This infuriated Gonzalo, who swore he would never leave anyone without medication. Especially, to help himself. Alfonso believes there is no other option and won’t be swayed.

Alfonso even gave Gonzalo a chance to admit what he’d done, but Gonzalo is an innocent—and prideful—man and won’t confess to the crime. Arturo Molina (Rodolfo Salas) came to his offense during the meeting, but with all the other incidents at the Institute , it didn’t work.

Later, the rest of the team found out. Regina and David Paredes (Daniel Arenas) wanted to quit, but he begged them to stay on. With Rene in charge, the patients will need their protection. They agreed, and told the rest of the staff this is what Gonzalo wants.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Fight’s on

Of course, no one will take this lying down. Especially not Gonzalo. He’s got a lawyer, Alonso, at the ready to help him. Plus, he’s being proactive. Gonzalo asked Martha (María Alicia Delgado) to get together a bunch of paperwork and make copies—in case something should “happen” to them.

This pleased Alonso, who thinks Gonzalo wasn’t thinking like a lawyer when he didn’t call him as soon as the meeting went bad. But he promised to fight to prove Gonzalo’s innocence.

He knows him as well as the others, and thinks this was a setup as well. And Gonzalo knows just who to blame. He said Rene clearly has been gunning for his job the whole time, so get ready for a huge fall when Rene is busted. We can’t wait.

Univision Médicos Spoilers: Tonight

As for tonight’s episode, expect a lot of drama at the Institute. Médicos spoilers reveal Rene pulls what’s probably his most disgusting move yet. It seems he’ll throw Gonzalo out of the hospital, who is visiting Aurora (Frances Ondiviela).

We can’t even with how insensitive and disgusting that is, as he already scammed the poor guy’s job away from him. Now he wants to deny this woman a source of support through illness? And take away Gonzalo’s right to be by her side and mend the relationship with her and Felipe Olmedo (Joshua Gutiérrez)?

Elsewhere, it seems he’ll also be setting his sights on getting rid of everyone. During a talk with Mireya Navarro (Erika de la Rosa), he mentions starting with Regina. Who, of course, was one of Gonzalo’s biggest supports Thursday night.

Besides that, Álvaro may be dead, but it’s not the last we’ll see of his screwed-up family. Apparently, the press will learn a famous man died at the Institute and descend like the vultures they can be. Of course, all three siblings will be hugging and playing the happy family for the cameras.

Regina will think they’re a bunch of fakes, and we totally agree. Guess the price was right to forget about denying Sol and Jorge the right to see their father one last time. Álvaro is probably better off not having seen them.

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