Coronation Street Spoilers: Will Gary Windass Be Able To Keep His Secret Hidden From Weatherfield Residents?

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Coronation Street spoilers finds that fans have been gripped by the ongoing storyline focused on Gary Windass and his criminal past. Viewers of the soap will be aware that Gary murdered Rick Neelan over 12 months ago and has been working hard to ensure that the secret, like Rick, remains buried.

However, the walls have been coming in on Gary over the past couple of weeks, and his secret has never been closer to being revealed.

The final blow came in scenes that aired this week, as Sarah finally managed to cross the dots and it dawned on her that her ex-boyfriend was guilty of the crime that Adam Barlow was accusing him of.

Sarah was quick to question Gary about the watch that Bernie Winter found, as it was obviously Rick’s as it was addressed to him.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Sarah Learns Truth

Sarah was then rocked as she found a shovel in the back on Gary’s boot. Gary then pretty much confessed to the crime, as he stated that he did it for Sarah and their relationship. That isn’t exactly a lie from Windass, as Rick was threatening to kill Sarah and the entire family if Gary didn’t do what he was told.

However, Sarah was convinced by Gary’s story and started to dial 999. She was notably petrified about what Gary would do and started to runaway to talk to the police on the phone. However, Gary then saved Sarah’s life from an oncoming car as he dived in the road and took the hit himself. As he lay there motionless on the street, Gary admitted his love for Sarah.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Sarah To Stay Silent

Viewers were divided about what Sarah was going to do with the secret that she has uncovered, but after Friday night’s episode it would seem that she may be about to stay silent. She kept avoiding the police, while Adam and Maria were confused as to why Sarah was running away from Gary after Tyrone revealed that’s what he saw.

Adam and Maria both didn’t believe Sarah’s statement that she was running to pick up her son, and there could be more serious questions asked. Gary will be left in the lurch as he will be unaware of what Sarah has told the police, but could this see him confess to the crime to the police next week?

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