Coronation Street Spoilers: Geoff Metcalfe Backed Into A Corner As He Realises That Elaine West Is Helping Yasmeen Nazir

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Coronation Street spoilers finds that fans were gripped on Monday night as they finally learnt about the true extent of the sacrifice that was made by Elaine Jones to escape Geoff Metcalfe. Viewers always knew that there was more to Geoff’s past relationship than he was letting on, but Elaine connected the final few dots during the episode last night.

Elaine’s emergence in Weatherfield has been known by Imran Habeeb and Alya Nazir for a week, but tracking her down was particularly difficult as they didn’t know what she looked like. However, they were finally able to find her during Monday’s episode and Elaine revealed to Alya precisely what living with Geoff was like.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Geoff’s Ex Changes Name

Ryan was the one to finally realise that Elaine was the woman that he had seen previously and he and Alya were able to catch her before she got on a train to leave the area. Alya and Elaine then had a long discussion as Alya pleaded with Elaine to help her grandmother.

She admitted that she came to the area thinking that she was going to help, but revealed that it has become too difficult. Alya continued to plead with Elaine, before she admitted that she has made huge sacrifices so that she was able to move on. She revealed that she was really Geoff’s ex-wife, but was forced to change her name from Tess to Elaine so that Geoff couldn’t find her. But, her next revelation stunned Alya.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Secret Son

Elaine revealed to Alya that she was really Tim Metcalfe’s mother, as she was forced to cut all ties with him so that she could get away from Geoff. Geoff will find out over coming scenes that Elaine is back in his life, and will try everything he can to ensure that she doesn’t manage to get inside Tim’s head.

It will be a huge development, as Geoff will be faced with losing the one person that has stood by him throughout. Tim is the only one that can’t see Geoff for who he really is, which means that Geoff will be doing everything he can to stop Elaine from telling Tim what life was really like with Geoff. But, will the abusive husband be able to stop the mother and son from seeing each other?

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