Coronation Street Spoilers: Is Gary Windass About To Flee Weatherfield To Avoid Prison Time?


Coronation Street spoilers have highlighted that Gary Windass’ secret revolving his killing of Rick Neelan is slowly slipping out, and he could be set to make a huge decision that will effect the whole of Weatherfield. The walls have been closing in on Gary over the past week as his anxiety about Rick’s body being found continues to grow.

This week, we found out that Sarah Platt had found out that Bernie Winter had found a watch while they were in the forest. Sarah was stunned to learn that the watch was addressed to Rick, which fell into place with the belief that Adam Barlow had about Gary killing Rick. But, what Sarah does next could be huge for Gary and his chances of freedom.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Gary Saves Sarah’s Life

Scenes this week will show Corrie’s first stunt during coronavirus times, as Gary runs to the safety of Sarah as she is about to get hit by a car. Gary will manage to get Sarah out of the way of the vehicle before taking the blunt of the blow himself. The injuries will leave Gary in hospital, and Sarah will be thankful for his sacrifice.

The tension on the street will continue to grow next week as Maria Connor learns that Gary has had a change of heart about rising the price of rent on the factory. She will believe that this will be down to his affections for Sarah, but it could easily be a way to buy her silence to ensure that she doesn’t go to the police.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Could Gary Leave Weatherfield?

Gary has been running away from this murder for the past 12 months, but has always been able to escape. However, now that Sarah knows for sure that Gary was the one to kill Rick, he could be destined for time behind bars. Gary could be forced to flee Weatherfield for good after Sarah decides to go to the police.

His decision to do so would be shocking as he would be turning his back on his sister, son and fiancé. But, fans have already speculated that Gary may not leave alone and may instead decide to persuade Sarah to join him. But, could Sarah really leave Adam and runaway with the murderer?

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