Coronation Street Spoilers: Tim Metcalfe To Demand Answers As His Mother Arrives In Weatherfield


Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that Geoff Metcalfe’s web of lies may finally be coming back to haunt him over the next couple of weeks. Viewers have watched on in shock over the past 12 months as he has made Yasmeen Nazir’s life a living misery, but that could be about to change with the arrival of Elaine Jones in Weatherfield.

Elaine paid Yasmeen a visit in prison a couple of weeks ago, and revealed that she was in the area to help her with her court case. She admitted that she was Geoff’s ex-wife and that she was treated exactly the same as Yasmeen was throughout their relationship. Her arrival finally gave Yasmeen the courage she needed to stand up to Geoff.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Alya And Ryan Find Elaine

Yasmeen revealed to Imran Habeeb that she was visited by Elaine and she told her that she was treated the same way by Geoff. Imran couldn’t contain his excitement as there was finally a witness that would be able to secure Yasmeen’s freedom. But, before Imran could celebrate too much Yasmeen suffered a heart attack.

Alya was stunned when she visited her grandmother looking frail in hospital, but pleaded with her to stay strong. She also admitted that she would try and find Elaine so that they can clear her name. Alya and Ryan finally found Elaine, and begged for her help. Elaine originally decided against standing up against Geoff, before having a change of heart in last night’s episode.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Elaine Tells Tim The Truth

Elaine was told by Imran that she will need to talk to Tim Metcalfe to tell him the truth before they can proceed. That led to a tense scene later in the episode as Elaine spoke to Tim in the cab office. She revealed that while Geoff may have told him that his mother was dead, she wasn’t really. And, in fact, she was really his mother.

Elaine told Tim that he was forced to runaway after the abuse that she was suffering from Geoff was too much. Tim refused to believe Elaine and told her to leave. He later revealed to Geoff that a mysterious woman revealed that she was his mother. But, will Geoff be able to get out of this situation, or will Tim want to get concrete evidence that Elaine is telling the truth?

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