Youtuber Sanders Kennedy Messed Up Big In the Shane Dawson Situation

Recently, Sanders Kennedy, operator of a drama channel on youtube, alleged in a video that he got inside information from the LA County Sheriff’s office that Shane Dawson was being investigated and he was encouraging victims or ‘survivors’ to come forward. Speculation started buzzing after that about Shane possibly being investigated by the Sheriff’s department for his past actions. However, as soon as this video dropped Shane texted another drama channel, Keemstar, and said that as of conferring with his lawyer, there is no criminal investigation into his past.

Sanders however, has doubled-down and stood by his previous video. He even recorded a conversation with what was allegedly an LA County Sheriff, to which the Sheriff replied that they were looking into things but in order for there to be an actual criminal investigation, there would have to be actual victims involved. If no victims actually come forward and report this to the actual police (drama channels don’t count), then there is no crime to investigate and it’s just a bunch of questionable content that Shane made.

Youtuber Sanders Kennedy messed up!

Now, no one is defending Shane’s past actions, they were pretty disgusting, however there is a difference between making questionable content and actually going out and hurting other people. In order to have a clinical diagnosis of pedophilia, one has to have had physical contact with an actual minor in a sexually perverse way.

You cannot prosecute  anyone for thought crimes or for statements that they might have made that made you uncomfortable. That’s not the way freedom of speech works. That being said, no he didn’t need to go on Omegle and tell minors to twerk for him, no, that was definitely pushing boundaries and being disgusting but I have watched the videos and from what I could see, he was not being serious – that is not a defense, that is a simple observation.

What Sanders did however, is libel, spreading rumors about false criminal allegations and he could definitely get in trouble for that. People have indeed been calling the LA County Sheriff’s office to see if there was a criminal investigation into Shane’s activities and while they are looking into things, in order for the investigation to actually hold water, there’s going to have to be a victim or two pop up. So far… no one has come forward. Will Shane ever do anything like this again? Honestly, I think the guy has learned his lesson. Has Sanders though? We’ll see. Stay tuned!

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