YouTuber Griffin Spreads Nasty Covid-19 Rumor About Tana Mongeau

Recently, a youtuber named Griffin spread a kind of nasty rumor about Tana Mongeau, it turned out not to be true, but it was still nasty nonetheless. He shadily tweeted out that it was awfully bad of Tana to be out partying every night when she had tested positive for coronavirus. Now, if this tweet had been real, the repercussions for this would have been awful because that would mean that Tana went out, knowingly infected, and exposed people to the virus because haha she just didn’t care.

Tana’s done a lot of things and we’ve seen her not wearing a mask in public and let’s face it, going out to parties like she does isn’t exactly social distancing but if she were sick I would think she’d be way too miserable to be out partying every night.

I’ve known two people who have had the virus so far and each time they have been too miserable and drained to do anything but lay around the house and mope. That being said I am aware of the existence of asymptomatic carriers, but I have not personally met any so far, then again, I happen to take my social distancing pretty seriously. I would hope that Tana wouldn’t want to infect people, then again she seems pretty hell-bent on partying so.

YouTuber Griffin spread nasty rumor about Tana Mongeau

But nonetheless, Tana’s friends Imari and Jasmine both came to her defense on Twitter. Imari said that if Tana did have Coronavirus, if anyone would know it would be him and he has a point because he and Tana live together so it would be kind of hard to avoid getting that kind of diagnosis and not telling her roommate about it. Jasmine, the other roommate also came forward and tweeted Griffin directly saying that he was lying and that Tana had been tested twice and that she almost DM’d the results to her but she wasn’t trying to be out there spreading someone else’s medical history and that Griffin was just jealous because Tana was hanging out with her ex.

This then prompted Tana to post her COVID results, both of them, which were thankfully negative. It’s not cool to go spreading harmful rumors about people like that, however, given Tana’s track record with medical situations you could easily peg her as someone who may not take the social distancing thing seriously.

I mean, she did blatantly refuse to take her asthma inhaler and basically told everyone that she wasn’t sick and nothing was wrong with her, all the while hacking up a lung. It’s easy to see Tana as one of those people who just get out and flaunt their freedom while the rest of the world is in quarantine, but the difference here is, asthma is not contagious, Corona is.

She may feel differently about potentially hurting other people, as long as they’re, you know, the right demographic, shall we say. Stay tuned!!!

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