Big Drama Between Youtuber Tana Mongeau, Her Manager Jordan Worona and SimplyNessa15: Is Jordan Worona Low-Key Racist? 

Interesting factoid, Tana Mongeau and SimplyNessa15 came into the youtube spotlight around the same time around 5 years ago. One skyrocketed to fame and even had her own MTV show and she continues being problematic and getting in the headlines every day, while the other sort of tapered off, seemingly at the height of her fame.

She originally attributed this to crowds that she had started hanging around and choices that she had made, but now that she’s come out with these new allegations about Tana Mongeau and her manager Jordan Worona, you have to wonder about how much of this was actually SimplyNessa15’s fault and how much of this wasn’t some big social engineering hack job by Jordan and Tana?

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Nessa claimed that Tana started saying that Nessa had started talking crap about her outfits to other people, but Nessa says that literally didn’t happen. She even posted a video that had previously been uploaded to YouNow of her crying about the issue because Tana kept insisting that Nessa was talking about her behind her back when it simply wasn’t true.

She also said that Tana would pretend to make up with her to her face but behind her back would say things like, “She’s crazy.” or imply that Nessa had anger problems when again, that simply was not true. Sounds like your regular girl-drama, right? If it had ended there I would say yes, it was just girl drama, but the thing is, Jordan was the one who started these rumors!

YouTube: Is Jordan Worona low-key racist? 

Jordan was the one perpetuating the rumor that Nessa was tempermental, even mentally unstable (at one point he claimed she had schizophrenia, a disorder that she has never been diagnosed with) and basically turned everyone affiliated with him or Tana against her.

Eventually, he even stopped being her manager (yeah, fun fact, he used to manage both of them!) and moved her to a manager who would, in his words “get her”, Nessa thought that it could have meant something entirely innocuous at the time but suddenly she ended up with a black manager, Nessa herself is black.

So, was that Jordan’s way of saying that he wanted to narrow his clientele to an exclusively white base? I mean, it’s not exactly a secret that he not only represents Tana, who has a pretty racist past already but he also represents Trisha Paytas who has said and done some very questionable things during her youtube career, including saying and doing things that could be construed as racist.

So what is this obsession he has with representing the uber white, blonde, problematic youtubers? And does he harbor those views himself? I’d say it’s not looking good for the guy, either way, now that Nessa’s video has come out. I have a question for him though, how come it was okay for Trish and Tana to be problematic but when Nessa shot off at the mouth he dipped out and claimed that she had a mental illness? His white privilege is showing… and it’s not a good look, buddy.

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